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Pine Island Sound Pirates

At World's End, where the law is scarce and the water is vast, pirates have always found their home. Florida from the 1600's into the start of the 19th century was just such a place, and the pristine waters of Southwest Florida's Gulf Coast were ideal pirate safe havens. Even when the Spanish and British Navies were chasing pirates out of the Caribbean, wise pirates like Black Caesar and Brewster Baker made their way up the Florida coast. While Tampa Bay is typically associated with the most famous Florida pirate--Gasparilla, in truth his legend is based 100 miles to the south in Charlotte Harbor. It was there and the waters of Pine Island Sound where most documented pirate history. If you're going to Do Florida Right, at some point, you'll have to commandeer a ship, hoist the colors, a set a course for the ghosts of pirates' past. 


New Pass Night Time Tarpon

June 2014 was only about 20 minutes old when the first tarpon of the season decided to eat a half of a ladyfish dancing around on the bottom of New Pass in Bonita Springs. The initial plan was to take out my buddy Mike on my old 15 foot skiff and do some shark fishing around the beaches, but we generally were set up for any big fish that wanted to wander on by--shark, grouper, monster snook, or even tarpon.


Peace River Canoe Camping Trip

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The DoFloridaRight crew made our way from Zolfo Springs the Canoe Outpost at Gardner, a 19.2 mile paddle spread out over two days. Making the trip in late April afforded us some very low water which did make for good fishing and easy fossil hunting, but slowed us down to a crawl any time we weren’t actively paddling. We were able to find nice big sandy banks for setting up camp with relative ease, although the good ones are few and far between.  The bugs were negligible, but we were prepared for the worst just in case the deer flies, mosquitoes, and no-see-ums decided to grace us with their presence. We paddled about 5 hours on the first day and 4 hours on the second, with the first of the two having many more breaks. 

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