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Bottle Cap Snook

Around 2 years ago, I built a bar for my lanai that doesn't get used nearly as often as it should. However, the one piece of the bar that continues to grow is the bottle cap collection. For whatever reason, I started collecting the caps off of every beer I drank at The Shore Bar and keeping them in cups. I've had a few fleeting ideas about what to do with them, but none really held my attention long enough to do anything about it. 


How To: Summer Inshore Mangrove Snapper Fishing

It's not the most glorious fishing and probably won't win me any awards, but when I'm faced with a stuffy summer day and I'm looking to reliably bend a rod or bring home dinner, mangrove (grey) snapper is often the first fish on my mind. They are relatively easy to find and easy to catch with the right approach and the right set up. They are strong fighters and can be fun to catch on light tackle as well, and don't require anything fancy to bring home a cooler full.


39 Things You Didn't Know About Southwest Florida

1.)    The infamous pirate Jose Gaspar, A.K.A. Gasparilla, isn’t from Tampa Bay, he’s from SWFL's Charlotte Harbor.

A businessman around 1900 decided it would be a good PR move to move the legend to Tampa and start a festival. It worked. Today the Gasparilla festival in Tampa is one of the largest pirate festivals in the world. 


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