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Cape Romano Dome Home

The Dome Home of Southwest Florida have long been a point of interest for residents and visitors alike. And how could it not be? The (almost) totally unique building now stands alone more than 5 miles south of the southernmost point of Marco Island. Sticking out of the surf like several sore thumbs, the domes just beg to be explored—so that’s just what we did.  


Watson's Place


The DoFloridaRight motley crew headed out of Everglades City and into the Everglades National Park to find the former homestead of Ed Watson, a man shot to death by 20 god-fearing neighbors because of his alleged bloody past.


Koreshan State Park Camping

November in SWFL begs you to be outside. That was the basic impetus behind a recent Friday night trip to Koreshan State Historic Site. Why sit around imbibing on the lanai when you can do it in the woods? So that’s what we did—libations in the wilderness, a.k.a, camping.

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