Cocohatchee River Park

Cocohatchee River Park is located of Vanderbilt Dr. in North Naples. It consists of two parts, a boat ramp and family park area. The closest pass is a quick ride to Wiggins Pass, which is bordered by two outstanding beaches, Barefoot Beach and Delnor Wiggins State Park

Ramp Fee: $8


Cocohatee River Park is one of the more luxurious boat ramps in the Southwest Florida area. Upon entering, you'll see an array of fancy boats not quite in the yacht class, but I certainly wouldn't turn down a ride from one of the owners[cough ...Uncle Tom]. To the left is a small park area, complete with kids playground and several small pavilions that provide a scenic backdrop of sea grapes and canal frontage for a family BBQ. To the right is the boat ramp, and even the boat ramp appears to be nicer than other area ramps, which is impressive because how classy can you make a gentle incline?

To launch from Cocohatchee River Park, it's going to set you back $8. However, of any of the area ramps, this ramp gets you about as close to the gulf as you can. This is an excellent choice of ramps if you plan to do some offshore fishing at some of the area's local reefs. Don't overlook the pass itself for fishing, as it offers some outstanding angling opportunities for boaters and beachgoing fishermen as well. 

The family park side of the Cocohatchee River Park features a small area bordered by a canal with a playground and several pavilions with grills. Across the canal, the lovely Pelican Isle Yacht Club(also known as the location of the "tallest" wedding reception in history) stands prominently next to the water. Not a member? That's OK. It's free to look at longingly from across the canal. 

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