Bonita Beach

 The area commonly referred to as Bonita Beach constitutes a 3 mile stretch of beach with 9 beach access areas. Stretching from Doc's Beach house at the south all the way to Big Hickory Pass to the north, there are ample opportunities for a relaxing day at the beach. 


In recent years, there was a push from the city of Bonita Springs to officially change their name to Bonita Beach, a transparent plan to draw in more tourists to the area. While I personally prefer Bonita Springs, most locals and tourists alike refer to the beach area of Bonita Springs lovingly as Bonita Beach. More than likely, this is because Bonita Beach Rd runs 15 miles to the east and while heading west, if you decide not to turn with the road north when it does, you will crash right into "Bonita Beach".

Doc's Beach House at Bonita Beach is a local landmark that has been witness to some of the most magnificent sunsets and green flashes that you can find anywhere in the world. With a Chicago feel and pretty darn good pizza, it's a good place to start or end a beach day with a cocktail. Be prepared to wait for the pizza!

The beach in front of Doc's actually straddles the Lee/Collier County line, and on any given day can be hopping. It is more or less the opposite of "off the beaten path", but every now and then we all break down and stop by the beach in front of Doc's for some volleyball, jet skiing, or other rental marvel. This area also has a playground, pavilion, bathrooms, picnic tables, grills, and all of the other modern conveniences you may require if traveling with young children or elderly relatives (or Blue from Old School).

Continuing north along what used to be Bonita Beach Rd (it turns into Hickory Blvd as it turns north), there are 9 parking access areas, the first of which is directly north of Doc's. From there they get smaller and harder to find, and even seasoned locals drive past them on occasion. Please, for the sake of us all, don't drive at 7 miles an hour looking for them (as too many are wont to do), especially because one of the signs was taken out, presumably by an overly aggressive beach goer. 

All the way to the north, just where Little Hickory Island ends and the road splits, there are two additional parking areas that take you to Big Hickory Pass. You can read more about them on the Big Hickory page. 




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