Yoga at Everglades Wonder Garden

People routinely spend an inordinate amount of money on yoga classes in a gym. They close their eyes, block out the industrial feel of a multi-purpose exercise room, free their mind and to try to send themselves to a serene place to find their meditative state. What if you didn’t need to close your eyes to find that peaceful place?

Thank you Justin Finch @ Enjoy It Photography for the pictures

If you love yoga and you love nature, Yoga in the Garden from Libelula Yoga is a must do. Plush green grass, palm trees, tall live oaks towering overhead providing the perfect amount of shade, a gentle breeze, the warm sun shining down on your skin, a peacock standing on a rock observing, and flamingos balancing in the small lake just in front of you. Birds chirp, a rooster crows, and the water from the crocodile pond trickles softly.  The Everglades Wonder Garden provides a unique opportunity to experience Florida’s wildlife in a safe, small-town, personal environment. From the road, you might hardly notice that this gem is there- the exterior is old and rustic and it looks too small to house and care for the great variety of species hidden behind its gates.

Once you walk in, you enter a quaint gift shop and then continue out the back doors, to a maze of Florida’s flora and fauna. On a normal basis, they offer educational tours. At 8 am on Sunday mornings before it officially opens, accomplished yoga instructor Karen Lapree offers yoga in the middle of this piece of paradise. Practicing yoga amidst the breathtaking backdrop offers a truly unique experience that elicits an incredible peace of mind and intense gratitude. To make the deal even better, it costs only ten dollars. Half goes to Karen and half goes to the Everglades Wonder Garden – and supporting the local minded small businesses steeped in local history and committed to preserving Florida’s natural habitats is what we love. Authentic yoga and authentic Florida in a controlled and peaceful environment. This is yoga the DoFloridaRight way and it’s right in your backyard, waiting for you to take advantage. And don’t worry about snakes… they’re safely locked away in the glass cage. 

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